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Exceptional service, delivered with heart and integrity, is the finest value we can offer our customers.​

Mark Zemil began what would become his life’s vocation in 1975 while attending the University of Maryland.  While working for an area fine jewelry store he honed his skills polishing fine jewelry, setting diamonds, and custom jewelry fabrication.  Along the way he learned an appreciation of finely crafted jewelry from years past, as well as the modern skills that propel our industry forward in new and exciting ways.  

After graduating with his UMD degree in Business Management and a minor in Metal Crafts, he headed for St Augustine Florida and founded Zemil Jewelers in 1979.  He expanded his business to Norfolk Virginia, opening the first of two retail locations in the Tidewater area in 1982.

This lush, tropical location with an urban esthetic is the perfect setting for displaying their diverse jewelry collections, from the custom made in house to hand picked designer pieces, from the organic to the sublimely lovely.  The old neighborhood vibe imparts the guests here with the distinct notion they are more than customers…they are now friends.

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